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Here at Project Sound we have set the Sabbath in our sights and are planning the most un-holy of parties, a culmination of our vast party know how poured into one ‘festival of fun’, unifying those who seek to take the weekend for all she’s worth! This experience will traverse many of club-lands leading DJ’s, performers and artists who will all contribute to these themed events leading to a ‘unique’ event that promises to enthral the reveller. Be whoever you want for as long as you can, together we can hold Monday at bay. Launching in London with our Sold Out ‘Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’ New Years Eve Celebration, this will be an indication of what a Project Sound Extravaganza is all about. The promise of a multi-sensory event with themed rooms, heralding revered DJ’s and live acts, interactive scenarios and performance artists. This is the future of London’s party scene in 2015. In keeping with our usual ethos here at Project Sound you are the party and your experience means everything to us. This will be a thing of true beauty combining music and merriment with no sponsorship or corporate eye. Project Sound are now set to take London with a series of Urban parties that gives you more than ever before. 
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