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Project Sound proudly presents a daytime party like no other… Pandora’s Box. On Sunday 1st March 2015 we’ll be peeling back the lid and delving into the musical realm from Midday  – 10.30pm at East London’s newest hotspot… Cre8 Lifestyle Centre also known as The Old Baths, 80 Eastway E9 5Jh Hackney Wick.


So, about this box then, not to be opened under any circumstance?

You know not what will be unleashed!

Could it really be that bad?


All of the evils of the world my dear

But I was the first woman on earth, born of intrigue; my curiosity was a god given gift, just a peak… 



And then it came, from darkness at first, then glimmers of light, shapes and movement, sounds in the distance, the sky began to shake and the earth began to quake, there it stood, upon the hill; a house marked by the beast, a pack of animals  that would die for one another, inhabiting a den of debauchery the like of which had never been seen. Feel the tension as we peer into the fabled receptacle unique sorroundings of the Infamous Old Baths. Dropping a unique formula of Deep Soulful House, Electro Funk & New Disco over Three arenas and a chill-out lounge. Bodies will writhe as shameless hedonistic abandonment takes over, no thought of rule or decency, just urges and desires to sedate, no care for right or wrong, just beats and breaks, dancing and drinking, freedom of feeling pleasure beyond your wildest dreams.  


You’re Hosts:

Arena 1: Keep On Going

Arena 2: Zombie Sound System

Arena 3: Disco Blouse

Super Special Artists & DJs TBA soon, 

Allow London’s premier pleasure palace to gratify you, evil is nothing to fear, we came to party here.


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To make a booking or any other request contact:  for Tickets &info visit

PS Team x


Cre8 Lifestyle Centre

The Old Bath House

80 Eastway E9 5JH

Tel: 0208 533 1691



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